Engaging, Eye-Opening Presentations

Bubba, founder of Here I Am Addiction Services, is available to speak at public events, jails, treatment centers, and schools.

His keynotes include: 


No Excuses

Poverty is no excuse, racism is no excuse, unemployment is no excuse. Anger is no excuse, an abusive childhood is no excuse, ignorance is no excuse. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Drugs are still bad, crime is still wrong, addiction can be treated, problems can be solved. We can change…OR…We can keep losing.


Initiating Change

If nothing changes..nothing changes.



Gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance are not feelings, they are commitments to ourselves that they are solutions to problems we face. If we are persistent with our choice of gratitude, forgiveness, or acceptance, eventually our hearts will align themselves with our heads, and once that happens we find everything we were looking for in a drink or a drug.

Ready to Take Back Your Future?

From intervention to sober transport to re-integration into your community, we're with you every step of the way.

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