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A Reliable Rehab Transport Service For Traveling To & From Treatment Facilities

The process of finding help for alcohol and drug abuse is daunting. With families and individuals looking to do an intervention for their loved one, transport to and from treatment facilities is an equally important element to think over. The probability of relapsing and requiring assistance is highly-common when undergoing treatment. Given that most addicts are struggling with their schedules and lives, our rehab transportation service makes it convenient for you to get to your appointments safely, with your sobriety intact.

A successful long-term recovery is largely dependent on ensuring the recovery process is well-supervised and closely monitored. Whether you need transport following an intervention or between treatment programs, our segue transporter can help provide you the emotional support you need. They do all this while chauffeuring you off to your desired destination. Eliminating all unwelcome temptations and reminding you of your accountability when a craving is triggered, our sober escorts for travel help provide the required social support. The path to treating your drug or alcohol addiction is settled on perseverance, consistency, and responsibility. With most addicts grappling with following a routine, our transportation escorts help reaffirm the positive impact of your decision and help impart knowledge that you may be unfamiliar with.

Get to Your Rehab Appointments through a Reliable Rehab Transportation Service

The decision of getting sober might be an easy one, but staying sober for a sustained period is the difficult part. If you’re constantly fearing a relapse or are overwhelmed with handling your own transportation, Here I Am can help you through and through. Having carved our space, our experience and expertise allow us to provide you affordable yet reliable rehab services.

A sustainable lifestyle is based around re-integrating yourself into the society and being mindful of your journey. Your rehabilitation journey doesn’t stop at treatment facilities; instead, it continues within your homes, workplace, social life, and traveling time. Unsupervised on most occasions, it takes more than self-determination to sustain your sobriety. Playing a critical role, our sober transport service in Texas provides an additional level of support that you need. Focused on helping you succeed, Here I Am offers you space where you’re at liberty to express your thoughts, concerns, and fears.

Sober Transport

Sustain Your Journey to Substance Abuse Recovery with Here I Am

Whether you’re a recovering addict or a concerned co-worker, our sober transport service in Texas comprises trained, professional escorts. Familiar with the sensitivity of the matter, our escorts pick and drop you or your loved one to a workplace or a treatment facility. Particularly useful for recovering adolescents and teenagers that have busy parents, our sober transport service provides clean, spacious, and supervised cars. Our escorts don’t allow you to miss out on appointments or give into temptations. Supporting your decision and helping you reach the positive outcome you’ve envisioned for yourself, Here I Am is present each step of the way.

Having been in the industry for years, we are familiar with how easy it is to stray away when you first start your recovery process. Unaware of the reward that awaits you in the end, most addicts relapse. With continuing the cycle of substance abuse seeming easy and the recovery journey difficult, most addicts tend to choose the easier path. Firmly focused on helping you acknowledge the impact your behavior is causing on you and others, our sober escorts help sustain your journey to healing.

Addicts are highly-anxious and stressed when traveling to their treatment facilities. Being a mentally-taxing state, our escorts stay by your side and help reinforce the strategies necessary for preventing a relapse. Professional sober escorts are critical for ensuring you get to your meetings and appointments on time. With your best interest at heart, our transportation escorts make sure you get to your destination without any use of alcohol or drugs.

Use Transportation Escorts for Staying Sober

Our ability to prevent a relapse is unparalleled. We understand the range of emotions, scenarios, and turmoil that may push an addict to consider relapsing. Addiction is a disease, and we treat it like a disease. If you’re unable to find emphatic and experienced sober escorts for travel, your search can come to an end with Here I Am. Traveling in public transport can burden you with different sorts of triggers. In an emotionally-unstable place, your priority should be traveling to your appointments in a safe manner.

So, with there being a great purpose for your life, don’t allow your potential to go to waste. Providing you support from start to finish, we offer you peer recovery support and interventions while catering to your transportation needs with our sober transport service. Veterans of the addiction rehabilitation industry, we can help you take control of your present and future with our relentless support.

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Trust a Trained Companion to Get You Where You're Going

Whether you need to attend a wedding, family event, conference, or treatment, our team is here for you. We provide you with a sober escort for any destination in-state, and we can assist with travel arrangements, proper documentation, and packing & unpacking. 

  • Hospital discharge to a treatment facility
  • Transportation to and from treatment facilities
  • Transportation from jail to treatment
  • Sober escort from home to work
  • Sober transport to events like reunions, weddings, and more

Take the Stress Out of Traveling

We ensure you arrive safely and comfortably at your intended destination. It can be stressful trying to organize travel arrangements that support your path to recovery. We help you address fears and stay sober to ensure a successful trip. 

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Ready to Take Back Your Future?

From intervention to sober transport to re-integration into your community, we're with you every step of the way.

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