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A sense of community and shared experiences has the best effect on treating alcohol or drug addiction. Using a combination of strength, resilience, and hope, our Texas based recovery specialists help you realize and acknowledge the negative impact your addiction causes. The journey to long-term recovery is difficult and is driven by self-doubt and inconsistency. With a variety of triggers present in your daily life and your determination wavering, relapsing is easy without the presence of a specialist. Based on their unique recovering journey, our counselors help guide your way. Extending beyond a clinical setting, our peer support services are delivered both in-person and online.

The road to sustainable and successful recovery is impossible without emotional support. We, at Here I Am, strongly believe that all addicts can overcome their addiction with appropriate knowledge, skills, resources, and practical assistance. Experiencing feelings of isolation is common post undergoing intervention, which is why our peer recovery support aids you to feel engaged in a community where people care. Interested in your progress, in your health, and in your future, our community of specialists encourages you to keep persevering.


Find Sustainable Help through Our Online Peer Counseling

A feeling of hopelessness is present in all recovering addicts. Our peer specialists use their personal experiences to give others hope, aiming to bring forth a positive shift in your thought process. Our peer support specialist equipped with a Certification of Texas undergoes extensive discussion with you to understand your triggers and challenging scenarios. Aware of just how mentally and physically-taxing recovery is, our peer recovery support can become your support system.

Recovery is never a linear process. A unique process for each of us, our online peer counseling service comprises individuals that are role models. For most addicts, following a schedule is challenging, and re-integrating within the society an anxiety-driven endeavor. Motivating you through real narratives and inspiration, our service helps you get through with your daily activities while resisting temptations.

Located in Texas, our specialists serve the community of drug and alcohol addicts. We guarantee you private and confidential sessions, where you can openly express your concerns. Encouraging you to speak about your past traumas, we help you untie any pent up stress within you. Our peer recovery support believes in making you emotionally, financially, and physically independent. Not allowing you to become a burden for your family, significant other, co-worker, or social circle, we help you foster your wellbeing. So, rather than allowing yourself to stay stuck in your past, take the required support for changing your habits.

Address the Underlying Issue with Here I Am

A healing and supportive environment is all you need for unreeling the turmoil with you. Whether you turn to drugs due to some trauma, to relax yourself or to run away from your responsibilities, it is important to identify the primal reason. With drugs and alcohol not being sustainable routes for managing your emotions, counseling can help you face your reality. Given that your addiction provides you an escape, our Certificate Lookup certified professionals in Texas could help undo the damage you’ve caused to yourself.


A Rehab Treatment That Works For Long-Term Recovery

Our specialists are aware of the fears you have. The process of overcoming an addiction is time-consuming, to say the least, with several possibilities of relapses. Cognizant of the experiences you’ve been through, we help bring stability in your spirit, mind, and body. We believe in personalizing each process, owing to which we evaluate your history, your health condition, and treatment requirements in a comprehensive sense.

Here I Am doesn’t believe in taking short-cuts, as they don’t lead to sustainable results. To us, breaking the cycle of addiction is of utmost importance. Our years of experience have taught us that most addicts feel secluded and powerless over their addiction. Considered a disease by us, our community of recovered peers can help you unravel the unique experiences, beliefs, and turmoil you hold onto. Our overall purpose is to create a positive behavioral change, where you can rise above your obstacles. We’ll touch upon the following elements when undertaking peer recovery support sessions:

  • All Past Experiences, Grief, And Trauma
  • Evaluation Of Drug Use And Alcohol History
  • Any Harmful Behavioral Patterns
  • Present Living Environment
  • Present Family And Marriage Relationships
  • The Development Of Coping Abilities
  • All Craving And Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Future Treatment Goals

Learn to Address the Curveballs

No matter who you are, life is always going to throw you curveballs. And when you're working towards long-term addiction recovery, curveballs can be scary. 

We are engaged in your recovery right alongside you, and keep your best interests in mind at all times. We provide part or full-time support as you re-enter your life and interact with your community. Our experienced team helps you create a plan that is designed to address your daily choices, behaviors, and needs. 

A Dependable Professional Available Whenever You Need

We offer peer recovery support that is available both over the phone and in-person. Our coaches spend time getting to know you and your goals so that we can help you work through challenging events and triggers. 

Whether you are in recovery from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, codependency, or other addictive behaviors we walk the road alongside you. 

  • Understand the path to sobriety
  • Set appropriate boundaries
  • Set realistic goals
  • Strategies for time management
  • Understand & identify triggers

Alter Your Behavioral Patterns by Setting Realistic Goals

When undergoing treatment, it is plausible for most addicts to feel overwhelmed by their given scenario. Feeling uncertain of your present and future, Here I Am holds your hand through it all. The ability to achieve long-term sobriety is riddled with temptations. However, the advice provided by our specialists can help you sustain long-term recovery. Suited according to your specific needs, each session of our peer recovery support is a positive contribution to your journey of healing.

Ready to Take Back Your Future?

From intervention to sober transport to re-integration into your community, we're with you every step of the way.

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