Make the First Step the Right One

An intervention is the first step towards long-term recovery. Our trained, professional facilitator will help lead your group of family, friends, or co-workers as they interact with the addict. Having a skilled professional can help reduce mistrust and broken relationships with the addict's loved ones. 

Interventions include: 

  • Preparing friends and family to present a united front
  • Planning strategies for dealing with anger or denial
  • Moderating interactions and helping the addict see that treatment is needed
  • Explaining the treatment plan 
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Trust a Professional to Assess the Situation

Because every addict's situation is unique, a qualified professional can help family and friends understand the cycle of abuse, how the client's lifestyle may be contributing, available resources, and much more. 

We understand first-hand how frightening and confusing the intervention process can be. With the right help and by taking the right steps, you can safely get the addict to a detox center and/or treatment and you might just save their life. 

Ready to Take Back Your Future?

From intervention to sober transport to re-integration into your community, we're with you every step of the way.

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