Use Intervention Programs for Alcohol & Drug Addicts In Texas

One of the hardest things to come to terms with is the drug abuse or alcohol addiction of a loved one. Given the state they are in, most addicts fail to realize or acknowledge the destruction they are causing to their own and others’ lives. In denial about their condition and resistant about taking help, addicts usually don’t understand the gravity of their situation. Impacting their personal, professional, and social life, drug or alcohol addicts are involved in several high-risk behaviors. In some cases, addicts may even blame others for the circumstances prevalent in their lives. Difficult to deal with, our drug addiction and alcohol abuse intervention therapy can help your loved one understand the importance of sobriety. Whether you’re a family member, close friend, colleague, or significant other who’s concerned about a person struggling with addiction, Here I Am can help facilitate your needs.

The possibility of causing resentment, rage, or feelings of betrayal is highly-common in intervention attempts. The primary intention of an intervention is to allow your loved one to realize the distress and adverse impact their habits are causing on your life. Our trained professionals are well-versed with mediating interventions, as they understand how emotions run high in these sessions. Using a personalized and step-by-step process, our intervention session is a carefully planned procedure. Long-term recovery for our addicts is what we focus on, which is why each session of ours is bound by comfort and empathy.


Make the First Step the Right One

An intervention is the first step towards long-term recovery. Our trained, professional facilitator will help lead your group of family, friends, or co-workers as they interact with the addict. Having a skilled professional can help reduce mistrust and broken relationships with the addict's loved ones. 

Interventions include: 

  • Preparing friends and family to present a united front
  • Planning strategies for dealing with anger or denial
  • Moderating interactions and helping the addict see that treatment is needed
  • Explaining the treatment plan 

Find Long-Term Recovery from Drug Addiction with Here I Am

The interventions for drug and alcohol abuse conducted in our Texas center are centered on helping an addict through the consolidated effort of their family, friends, and professionals. Unaware of the problems they are causing, addicts can cause severe strain to their relationships, to their professional life, and their own sanity. Designed with the intent of motivating addicts to take the help that is provided to them, our drug and alcohol intervention programs play a critical role in an addict’s road to recovery. With a staunch focus on providing individualized attention to each addict, Here I Am works on being present step of the way.


It is of paramount importance for an intervention to be carefully planned, as otherwise, the addict may become hostile. Equipped with years of experience, our professionals know how to guide families and offer support through difficult times. If you’re dealing with an addict that has a history of self-harm and aggression, having our expertise can help you deal with matters in a cooperative manner. Making long-term recovery possible, the purpose of an intervention is to help an addict realize the need to undergo treatment. A great deal of effort is invested in an intervention process, which is why you need to be onboard wholeheartedly to support an addict’s treatment.


Choose Intervention Attempts For Treating Substance Abuse

Refusing to take help is common within addicts. Being their source of a reality check and stability, it is the responsibility of their closed circle to help them realize the extent of their problem. If you’re determined about promoting recovery or minimizing the relapse of your loved one’s addiction, our intervention program for alcohol abuse can help your loved one find the rehabilitation they need. Being firm yet gentle is the key for making an addict understand their dilemma. Spearheaded by a unique, personalized approach, our intervention sessions are based around creating harmony between the addict and their inner circle.

Each of our sessions are guided by our defining principles- no judgments, empathy, and complete attention. We conduct therapies that are client-driven, as each emotion, each experience, and each circumstance differs from client to client. Using a combination of emotional healing and real-time analysis, we help our clients through each aspect of our treatment plan.


Consult A Drug Addiction Intervention Specialist through Here I Am

Owing to the fact that addiction is an all-embracing disease, it negatively impacts an addict’s family, their co-worker, or anyone in their social circle. Despite it seeming suitable for you to conduct an unmoderated intervention, it can easily turn counterproductive. Having a professional by your side assures that your loved one finds the help that they deserve. Firmly settled on being your one-stop solution for drug abuse and alcohol addiction intervention, Here I Am also provides transportation facilities to and from treatment centers

Whether your loved one needs transport from home to work or whether they need someone to handle their traveling needs, our sober transport service can help do just that. If your loved one fears traveling alone, due to dependency issues, Here I Am can help supervise their trips. We strongly believe in not allowing our community to get trapped by substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Working towards the best interest of each addict, our intervention sessions ensure your loved one has the incentive and drive for accepting treatment.   

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Trust a Professional to Assess the Situation

Because every addict's situation is unique, a qualified professional can help family and friends understand the cycle of abuse, how the client's lifestyle may be contributing, available resources, and much more. 

We understand first-hand how frightening and confusing the intervention process can be. With the right help and by taking the right steps, you can safely get the addict to a detox center and/or treatment and you might just save their life. 

Ready to Take Back Your Future?

From intervention to sober transport to re-integration into your community, we're with you every step of the way.

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