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Speech has the power to influence thoughts, alter behavior, and drive change. Battling with an addiction is difficult to say the least. Familiar with the journey and experiences of an addict, Bubba, a keynote speaker, draws from his experiences. A recovering opiate and alcohol addict, Bubba helps addicts and recovering individuals to acknowledge the extent of their problem. Delivering his keynote speech at treatment centers, schools, public events, and jails, he helps people understand how no reason is big enough to become an addict. He believes there are no excuses for putting yourself and your family through unimaginable turmoil.

Through his public addresses, he imparts knowledge on breaking the cycle of substance abuse, taking accountability for your actions, being committed, and realizing your potential. Having been an addict himself, he understands how drugs and alcohol are just a coping mechanism.

There is a substantial amount of research on how addiction changes your brain and transforms how you perceive things. A cause for all the grief, stress, and chaos in your life, addiction is a disease. Firmly focused on assisting addicts to undo their distorted thought and behavioral pattern, Bubba suggests easy-to-follow actions to control cravings.


Achieve Long-Term Recovery through Here I Am

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is never the underlying problem. A solution for your other problems, substance abuse eventually becomes your comfort. Whether you belong from an underprivileged background or have experienced a broken marriage, trauma, or an irreplaceable loss, substance abuse is never the answer to your dilemmas.

The journey of long-term recovery is not easy. With different temptations around you, high probability of relapse, and various triggers testing your determination, sometimes support is all you need. A source of emotional support, Bubba teaches the importance of gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness through his keynote addresses. He makes you understand that substance abuse doesn’t only wreak havoc in your life but also disturbs your family, your co-workers, and your social circle. Imparting valuable lessons he’s learned on his journey, Bubba helps addicts realize they are not alone.


Loneliness is a common emotion that all addicts face. Overwhelmed by the state of your life and the alienation you experience, it is easy to feel alone. Aware of the range of sentiments a recovering addict goes through, Bubba speaks about how to ease the inner turmoil within you through his keynote speeches.


Engaging, Eye-Opening Presentations

Bubba, founder of Here I Am Addiction Services, is available to speak at public events, jails, treatment centers, and schools.

His keynotes include: 


No Excuses

Poverty is no excuse, racism is no excuse, unemployment is no excuse. Anger is no excuse, an abusive childhood is no excuse, ignorance is no excuse. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. Drugs are still bad, crime is still wrong, addiction can be treated, problems can be solved. We can change…OR…We can keep losing.


Initiating Change

If nothing changes..nothing changes.



Gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance are not feelings, they are commitments to ourselves that they are solutions to problems we face. If we are persistent with our choice of gratitude, forgiveness, or acceptance, eventually our hearts will align themselves with our heads, and once that happens we find everything we were looking for in a drink or a drug.

Get Inspired by Fellow Recovered Addicts

Jails are a solitary space, with inmates alone with their thoughts. Left unaided to deal with their thoughts, their mind can become a breeding spot for toxicity. We, at Here I Am, understand the varying, unique scenarios that an addict may be in. Conscious of what they are going through, Bubba helps each addict overcome their struggles by getting inspired by his life experiences.

If you feel your alcohol or drug addiction is making you do things you would’ve never imagined yourself doing, finding help is of utmost importance. Leading you onto your journey of healing and recovery, substance abuse speakers can make you eliminate habits you’ve been struggling to let go of.


If you feel any of the following sentiments:

listening to an addiction recovery speaker speak can help you find the strength you need for pushing through your obstacles.

  • Do you think it would be better for you if you cut back on drinking alcohol?
  • Do you think you’re experiencing problems at work, personal relationships, or social circles due to your drinking problem?
  • Do you become violent or cranky when you start drinking?
  • Do you feel guilty after or about drinking?
  • Do you need to drink more in order to feel the desired effect of alcohol?
  • Do you want to put an end to using drugs, but can’t stop?
  • Do you need drugs to carry out day-to-day activities?
  • Does it bother you when someone voices their concern over your addiction?
  • Do you think you’re willing to do something dangerous when under the influence?
  • Do you get into financial problems due to buying drugs and alcohol?

Most addicts feel a lost sense of purpose or hopelessness. Given the major transition your life is making, it is understandable for you to feel such emotions. Feeling lost, drug abuse speakers can be your source of guidance and optimism. Through their addresses, they speak about their struggles, how they overcame them, and what it takes to continue persevering on your journey. No achievement comes easy, and so is the case when fighting an addiction.

Each individual has limitless potential. By allowing yourself to get consumed by drugs and alcohol, you’re limiting your abilities. A guiding light for you, a drug abuse speaker can help you take the necessary actions to sustain your actions for long-term recovery. Even if you’re a loved one of an addict, bringing them to one of Bubba’s public events can help them address the problem they are going through.


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