Hi, I Am Bubba Norton

I was speaking at a jail one evening, and during a break, a young man in an orange jumpsuit told me, “Bubba, I didn’t want to go to jail for doing the stuff I didn’t want to be doing in the first place.”

As a recovering alcoholic and opiate addict, I understood all too well what he meant. Doing things that deep down inside, you don’t want to be doing is painful. Our addictions don’t care about us. Our addictions take on the voice of a liar, promising, “Hey, you’re doing great. Just keep going”. Our addictions are killing us. First, they will take from us everything we love. I know what it is to make promises to myself and to my loved ones that I couldn’t keep. Promises such as “This is the last one” or “Tonight is the last time” become hollow. The words, “I’m sorry” or “It won’t happen again,” lose their meaning.

If your drinking and/or drug use has you doing “things” that you don’t really want to be doing, if you’re making promises to yourself and others that you can’t keep, and you have come to believe that you no longer have a choice, I am living proof that there is a better way. I am living proof that addiction can be treated, and problems can be solved. I am here to walk you through several treatment options. Not everyone can afford inpatient treatment. I couldn’t. But here I am - free for over ten years from an opiate addiction that had me taking 40-50 pills a day. If you are willing to do the work, I can help you choose the first and scariest steps.

My sponsor told me about a book on how to train a puppy that applies to addicts. The book said, “If your puppy chews on your shoes, never hit the puppy with the shoe. Find something better for the puppy to chew on.” The book emphasized the need to teach a puppy not only what not to do but what to do instead.

Drugs and alcohol were never my real problem. I had made them the solutions to my problems. They became bigger problems than the problems I was trying to solve. Abstinence rarely works because, like puppies, we need “something better to chew on.” Abstinence rarely works because, like puppies, it is not enough for us to know what not to do, we need to be taught what to do instead. If you are ready, we can help you replace old habits with new ones. We can help you find something better to chew on, and if you possess the tiniest bit of willingness, we can help you find everything you were looking for in your drug use somewhere else.

I lost my mother to the disease of alcoholism on January 1, 1982. I know what it’s like to watch the addiction slowly consume a loved one. I know the pain and confusion created along the way. If you have a loved one that is losing their battle with addiction, and you have exhausted your resources to help them, let us show you a better way to help them and yourself. It’s their addiction that’s hurting everyone around them, but there’s still a person you love in there. Call us if you are ready to find a better way. We have shown many a path to healing. We can show you the way too.

“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult life.”

Bruce Lee

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Here I Am Addiction Services is a Texas-based community of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. We offer peer recovery support, intervention services, and education to anyone seeking help with the disease of addiction.


We are a source of love, compassion, education, and direction for individuals ready to journey toward recovery as well as for friends and family.


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