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  Many families have a family member suffering the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction and this causes the entire family to suffer. Do you have a family member suffering from this disease? Are you and your family growing tired of suffering from this disease. If so, a drug and alcohol intervention may be the first step in alleviating this suffering.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention orchestrated attempt by one or many people, usually family members, to convince someone to seek professional help with an addiction or other destructive behavior.

Especially in drug abuse intervention, the addict meets with their loved ones in the presence or absence of a professional consultant. Together they take the situation into perspective, how the addictive behavior is influencing their lives. The goal is to prompt the drug abuser to agree to getting treated for their addiction.  

How Does it Work?

A drug abuse intervention can be designed using several models. These models include a simple intervention or a classical intervention being conducted for the benefit of one or more family members. There are many steps to follow and stages of recovery to be planned for. These include:

Step 1 – Admit there is a problem and seek help with a trained individual who understands the nature of addiction and the behaviors and tendencies of drug and alcohol addicts. Many times this will be a trained professional drug and alcohol interventionist.

Step 2 – An effective intervention will be the result of a drug and alcohol intervention that was well planned. The interventionist will need to learn more about the dynamics of the family, the harm the addict is causing to themselves and their family and be prepared to offer a well thought out treatment and aftercare plan.

Step 3 – Build a team with one common goal, treatment. This team will need to energetically participate in the intervention as a cohesive unit. These team members will need to plan for and  identify problems or excuses their family member may bring up and be prepared to overcome these objections. Team members, by mutual consent, set a date and location for the drug and alcohol intervention and will rehearse the whole scenario to help ensure the intervention is a success.

Step 4 – The entire team will need to create and agree to adhere to hard bottom lines. I prefer not to refer to these as consequences to the addict as promises from the family that their behaviors that are enabling the addicts addiction are going to stop regardless if the addict agrees to treatment. These are still consequences to the addict which will hopefully help to achieve the addict finding “the bottom” required to agree that treatment is needed. These bottom lines need to be perceived as promises, not threats.

Step 5 Letters will need to be prepared to ensure that the meeting goes as rehearsed and that each family member can share honestly with the addict. These letters should be expressions of love and not intended to hurt the addict. I require prior approval by me of any letter before it is read and I will provide an outline on how to write one.

Step 6 – Schedule and conduct the intervention under the guidance of a trained drug and alcohol interventionist. Prior to the actual intervention, treatment, and detox if required, should be arranged as the addict will need to be taken there immediately after the intervention. Your loved one will be asked to appear at the location the intervention is taking place. Team members then express their concerns and feelings during the intervention. Your loved one is given a treatment option and persuaded to accept it. Each team member describes what specific changes they will make if your loved one doesn’t accept treatment.

Step 7 – Aftercare following treatment is just as, if not more important, than treatment itself. Recovery is a life time journey to be taken eriously by both the addict and the family. Many times after treatment another long term sober living facility may be required. This will need to be discussed and planned for prior to the intervention along with having a long term recovery plan in place.

Schedule an Appointment Today with an Addiction Professional

Here I Am Addiction Services can be your partner in your mission to free your loved one from drug abuse. We offer drug abuse interventions that include:

  • Preparing friends and family for the drug and alcohol intervention
  • Planning strategies for overcoming anger or denial
  • Helping the addict seek the treatment
  • Explaining the treatment plan

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