Sober coaching

If recovering from drug and alcohol abuse was easy, so many wouldn’t die from this vicious disease. Trials and tribulations are part of the process and navigating the first ninety days can be scary. Sober coaching could be a valuable tool to help the newcomer navigate these crucial times. With the help of a sober coach one can gain awareness of the problem and be educated on the solution.

Handling Shame

Sadly, shame is nothing new to the drug addict. It was present during the abuse so one shouldn’t be surprised if shame raised its’ ugly head after a relapse. Truth be told, for many, relapse itself is part of the recovery process and the understanding of this combined with a sincere desire to stay clean and sober gives us a healthy respect for this disease  moving forward and this sincere desire should remove any shame. Many sober coaches have relapsed as well so they could be a great source regarding what needs to change in order to increase the likelihood of success.

Address your challenges

Relapses are educational situations if one is willing be to be honest about the causes of the relapse. They are educational to the addict because afterwards they have learned more about what was working and what didn’t. More importantly, they become part of your experience, strength, and hope, what you have to share with others about your experiences, and this in itself will be helpful to others walking the same path of recovery as you.

We, at Here I Am Addiction Services, don’t expect you to make sense of the recovery all on your own. Our counselors and coaches will help you get back on track and improve your life after treatment or relapse.

Have your faith in Sober Coaching

Admitting failure is hard for anyone.  What will those who are supporting me think? Am I a failure? Will my family once again start to lose confidence in me? These thoughts are a result of fear and have no reality attached to them.

From the beginning, Here I Am Addiction Service will be there for you. We understand how hard it is for you to stay on track, and we are here to help you come out stronger and healthier. We have no judgment grounds, and our counselors encourage you to admit your relapse to them. The right sober coaching encourages us to have trust in the process, not fear of failure.  

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