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It’s a fact that longer a person stays in addiction recovery treatment, the more are the chances of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. Extended care is key, and sober coaching is such a helpful strategy to keep recovery people engaged. The transition from residential rehab treatment or sober living back into your routine can be full of challenges that could jeopardize your struggle, but a good sobriety coach can keep you on the right track and help you work through those difficulties. You can reach your goals and stay focused on a sober lifestyle, all with the help of a professional coach.

A sobriety coach is different from a sponsor or therapist. These people serve as an advocate, a lead, a guide, and a mentor. Their job is not just helping their client stay sober but to cultivate a healthy life that is meaningful and rewarding, something everyone in the recovery group can benefit from.

Here are four reasons how sober coaching will change your post addiction treatment life.

Held you accountable

Maintaining a recovery plan requires you to be held accountable, something that is the foundation of Here I am Addiction Services’ philosophy. Our Peer Recovery Support specialists work one-on-one with you to help set and achieve realistic, attainable goals and hold them accountable to themselves. We understand and help you set appropriate boundaries.

Connect you with the resources

A recovery care plan lays out the essential steps you need to follow and supports you in making progress. This includes seeing a therapist, furthering your education, returning to work, resolving legal issues, and often attending a 12-step method as well. Sober coaching helps you in securing sober living arrangements and tackle challenges that you may face in your new life in sobriety. A sobriety coach connects you to all the right resources you need to succeed.

Improve your relationships

Substance abuse affects personal relationships the most. They also feel emotionally drained or overwhelmed, taking care of their loved ones who are in recovery. A sobriety coach removes the burden of responsibility from family members and encourages them to focus only on loving and supporting their loved ones. In the meanwhile, the coach focuses on keeping their loved one on the right track.

Preventing relapse

Addiction is one of the most chronic, progressive diseases. With 40-60% relapse rates of drug addiction, going into relapse is common, but it can also be prevented. A sobriety coach will empower you, so you can identify relapse behaviors and bravely overcome them. At Here I Am Addiction Services, we are the Peer Recovery Support Specialists who are trained and experienced to classify dangerous relapse behaviors long before people give in and intervene as appropriate.

We, at Here I Am Addiction Services, are proud to offer support that can help you bolster your sobriety. For more information on your services and sober coaching, get in touch with us.   

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