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Our individualized approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment has helped us empower the community around us. Being your source of guidance and warmth during a mentally and physically difficult time, here I am aims to be your biggest support system. Known as one of the best alcohol treatment centers in Texas, we offer you a welcoming, safe and comfortable space where you can voice your thoughts without any inhibitions. Focused on helping you reach your goals, we conduct a comprehensive test on your initial visit. If your priority is to achieve life-long recovery from any form of addiction, our team of professionals can help you and your loved ones. Our healing and emphatic environment is personalized according to your needs, as we believe in putting our clients at ease.

Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to devastating impacts on your life. Familiar with the upheavals you face, we help you let go off the baggage that is weighing you down. With the inability to hold onto a job, declining health, withdrawn relationships, and personality changes destroying your life, our addiction treatment center in Texas can help you get your life in order. Getting normalcy back into your life, Here I am is present each step of the way, holding your hand through thick and thin. Given that your sobriety is the key to leading a happy, stable, and fulfilling life, we help you release any pent up trauma or emotional distress. Even if you feel uncertain about re-integrating yourself back into society, have no fears as we support you from the beginning till the end.

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10+ Years of Recovery Support Experience

Here I Am, Is alcohol and drug treatment Center Based In Texas. We offer peer recovery support, intervention services, and education to anyone seeking help with the disease of addiction.

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Our approach believes in healing the body, soul, and mind, as each addiction is rooted deep in our system. The fear of relapse is common within addicts, which is why we provide full-time support. Keeping your best interest in mind, we help alter toxic behavioral patterns, needs, and thought processes. No matter the reason for your addiction, we ensure each session is completely confidential.

The ability to let your life spiral out of control is easy when battling an addiction. If you’re unable to mend a broken relationship or are unable to come to terms with your reality, have our health professionals guide your way through a challenging time. Committed to getting you sober, we can help you realize the possibilities that await you if you begin your journey to recovery. Set in a healing, serene environment, our drug treatment centers in Texas symbolize personalized care at its best. Having benchmarked a high-quality standard for ourselves, our trained professionals don’t rush any of our processes, as they understand the sensitivity and fragility of the matter. Whether it is drawing up strategies or explaining the treatment plan, our professionals are well-versed with handling each aspect of our treatment plan.

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Getting through addiction In Texas isn't a journey you want to take alone. We're here to help you with all aspects of your path to long-term recovery.



Utilize a skilled facilitator to prevent broken relationships and to smoothly transition to immediate transport.

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Sober Transport

Sober Transport

Our trained travel experts will accompany you to any in-state destination and help with packing/unpacking.

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Peer Recovery Support

Solid, reliable support that helps you navigate the complex path to long-term addiction recovery. 

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start Living a Healthy, Sustainable Life

There is a greater purpose for your life - and we're here to help you find it. Thanks to our years of recovery support experience, we know what it takes to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. 


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Get Self-Aware To Let Go Off Your Alcohol & Drug Addiction

We have fine-tuned our services. Whether you wish to use our intervention service, our sober transport, or our peer recovery support, you can choose as per your given scenario. The majority of our clients face triggers in everyday life, which is why we help you replace your drug abuse with healthy habits. So, rather than allowing drug addiction to take a toll on your happiness, start leading a more gratifying life by choosing to have Here I Am by your side.

Mistrust and resentments are bound to arise in troubled relationships that are suffering due to an addiction. Aware of how families fall apart or how children face the consequences, our skilled professionals work to help avoid distressful situations. With each individual’s journey being unique, our team provides each of you unique alternative behavioral responses to different sources of anxiety. At the very center of our alcohol treatment center’s ideology is the need to heal you emotionally. Following are the shifts you’re more than likely to witness once you undergo treatment at one of the leading alcohol treatment centers in Texas:

Break Free From The Addictive Cycle

Gain Insight & Understand Addiction

Figure Out The Underlying Cause

Establish New Habits & Develop Self-Discipline

Create Healthy Boundaries

Identify Negative Influences

Acquire The Willingness To Focus On Yourself & Your Future

Lead Yourself Onto Your Emotional Recovery

Improved Diet & Nutrition

Our intention is to help you gain liberty. Reducing your need to be dependent on someone for the rest of your life, we help you undo thoughts and actions that are the root cause of your drug and alcohol addiction. Given that the road to healing is mentally & physically demanding Here I Am is there to provide the reassurance you seek. Supervising the overall treatment process, we aim to educate you about realizing your shortcomings, overcoming your past, and living in the present with positive affirmations.


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